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During the 1940’s, Mohamed Habib EL-Hila began his high studies in Ez-zeitouna Mosque where he became a professor since the early 1950’s/ When all doors were closed against any action and promotion undertaken by Zeitounians during the 1960’s, he enrolled himself in the Sorbonne University in Paris where he got a University Doctorate on Andalusian history (1967), then a State Doctorate on social history in the Near Maghreb (Ifriqiya) in 1976 .

Since then Mohamed Habib EL HILA never ceased to be interested in the historic stages and components of the Arab Maghreb and Andalusia granting a special attention to certain works which he presented and published in order to enrich the history library without neglecting studies related to the subject and he himself uphold a doctorate thesis entitled “Ascetism Impact on Social Life in Ifriqiya from the Conquest to the End of the Aghlabide Era".

Since the mid eightees to the mid ninetees (XX century), Mohamed Habib El-Hila enrolled himself in the high studies on history and civilization in Umm al- qura University in Mecca where he became interested in the holy city history which he taught during that time, while also directing a guest number of memoirs dealing with the subject. Mohamed Habib El-Hila felt also interested in certain ancient works of which he made himself authentic photocopies. He too, archieved some studies dealing with the same subject including his book entitled “History and Historians in Mecca from the third to the thirteenth hegira century” and his presentation of the book “ Heard whishes” written by Jarullah Ibn Fahd in which he also published two bibliographies one related to Qoranic science and the other to History.

For many years, El-Hila has been occupying himself by books dealing with advices and opinions (fatawa) in the Maghreb and in Andalusia. When teaching introduction to history in the University of Tunis during the 1970’s, he become convinced that (fatawa) and works linked to the subject were among the most advanced and promoted sciences and works. These were also among the most compatible ones with social changes, and questions and opinions (fatawa) linked to the subject and could constitute trustful and credible sources to writing history, especially when observing and studying social images and civilizational and historic events. El-Hila was also interested in studying Imam Al-Burzuli of whom he wrote an important biography (9-15 century). He spent several years in presentting his book on advices (fatawa) which he published in seven volumes (4000 p) in 2002/.

El-Hila is now occupied by presenting and publishing the book entitled “Answers” written by Abu-l-Qasim Azzum from Kairouan (10 th century H / 19 th century after Jesus christ).
The book deals with consultations (fatawa) and contains an essay on the Tunisian society during the author’s life. The author has in fact depicted a big number of situations, social groups, tribes and cities.

El-Hila contributed also to the writing of the history of Tunisia during Bourguiba rule.
These elements are considered to be essential in studying the history of Tunisia during the sixteenth century which coincided with a dry intellectual era. The owner of this site is convinced that the crucial mission of learned men is exchanging knowledge and opinions with other people. He created this site in order to conduct a debate with specialists and knowledge seekers for the benefit of all sides.