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1967 – The Letters of Al-Ghafiqi.
(A university doctorate) University of Paris, Sorbonne, 250 Pp

1969 –Siyasat As-Sibyan wa Tadbiruhum, by Ibn Al-Jazzar :
A Verification Study with Glossary. 1st Edition : M.T.E., Tunis, 1969, 200 Pp

1970 – Al-Hulal As-Sundusiyyah Fi Al-Akhbar At-Tunisiya, by Al-Wazir As-Sarraj.
1st Edition : volume 1, M.T.E., Tunis, 1400 Pp. Volume 2, Dar Al-Kutub, Tunis, 316 Pp.

1972 – Al-Imam At-Burzuli.
Review of the Faculty of Sharia, Tunis, No.2 (169-223), 65 Pp.

1975 – The Zawiyah and its Effect on Ifriqian Society.
Tunisian Review of Social Sciences (C.E.R.E.S) No 40 Pp97-131 . Tunis .

1976 – Asceticism and its Effect on Ifriqian Society from the Muslim
Conquest to the End of the Aghlabid Era.
Doctoral thesis, University of Paris, Sorbonne, 600 Pp.

1978 – A verification study of volume 2, Kitab Riyadh An-Nufus,
by Al-Maliky, 400 Pp.

1979 - Islamic Da°wah Missions in the Maghreb During the Muslim Conquest.
Al-Kuwait , No 7 , 12 Pp.

1979 – Letters of the Diwan, Issued in Ceuta During the Al-Azafid Era.
A verification study . Royal Press of Morocco, Rabat, 140 Pp.

1980 - Kitab Istikhraj Al-jadal min-al-Qur'an, by Ibn Al-Hanbali
A verification study.
Review of the Scientific Research centre Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, No 3 Pp 319-352.

1980 – Barnamag Al-Wadi Ashi.
A verification study. Scientific Research Centre, Umma Al-Qura University, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, 406 Pp.

1981 - Historical Texts Extracted from Kitab Qurrat Al-Ayn, by Muhammad Sa'adah.
Review of Maghrebian History, No 23.

1984 –Siyasat As-Sibyan wa Tadbiruhum, by Ibn Al-Jazzar :
A Verification Study with Glossary.
2nd Edition: Dar Al-Gharb Al-Islami, Beirut, 1984, 175 Pp

1985 – Al-Hulal As-Sundusiyyah Fi Al-Akhbar At-Tunisiya, by Al-Wazir As-Sarraj.
2nd Edition : 3 volumes,
Dar Al-Gharb Al-Islami, Beirut, 1985, 2200 Pp.


1988 – Mu'jam Al-Shuyukh Adh-Dhahabi (Al-Mu'jam Al-Kabir)
A verification study.
Dar-As-Siddiq , Taif (2 volumes) 1000 Pp

1988 – Al-Mu'jam Al-Mukhtass bi-al-Muhaddithin, by Adh-Dhahabi, A verification study.
A verification study.
Dar-As-Siddiq, Taif 360 Pp

1994 – Handlist of Manuscripts in the Library of
Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Section of Qur’an and Its Sciences.
Al-Furqan Fondation , London, 145 Pp.


1994 - Handlist of manuscripts in the library of
Makkah al-Mukarramah, "History section".
Al-Furqan Fondation , London, 145 Pp.

1994 – At-Tarih wa -Mu'rrihun bi Makkah min
Al-Qarn Al-Thalith Al-Higri ila Al-Qarn at-Thalith °asar
History and historians in Makkah.
( 3rd – 13 th centuries A. H. ) . Collected and Presented. Al-Furqan Foundation, London, 520 Pp. .



1997 – Kitab Asna Al-Matalib Fi Silat Al-Arham wa Al-Aqarib
by Ibn Hajar Al-Makki.
A verification study.
Edition C.E.R.M.D.I, Zaghouan, Tunisia, 450 Pp.
1997 –Kitab Nail Al-Muna
History of Makkah during the tenth century of hegira. by Jar Allah Ibn Fahd Al-Makki.
A verification study and glossary.
Al-Furqan Foundation, London, 1100 Pp.

2002 :Tunisian Manuscripts in Saudi Librariesi.
(3 volumes Unpublished).

2002 :Kitab Fatawa Al-Burzuli
A verification study and glossary (7volumes).
Dar Al-Gharb Al-Islami, Beirut, 4000 Pp.


2003 : Sheikh Mohamed Al-Fadhel bin Achour’s Letter
to Farhat Hached after Sfax Incidents ( 1947 ).
A paper to be published with the Review of the the Institute of the
National Movement History, Tunis, Tunisia. (In press).

2003 : The begening of the verfication study
of “ Ajwibat ( Fatawa)°Azzum.
To be published by Beit al-Hikma , Ministry of Culture , Tunis , Tunisia .